The Good, Bad, Boring, and Fun Challenges (This is Also Challenge 9)

The bad and boring challenge I had was the picture one. It was hard for me to figure out how to get pictures that were all rights reserved. Then I had to do a lot of things before I got to finally post it. And it was also because there were so many activities. The best one was the tags and categories because it was easy and there were only a little bit of challenges. To make September’s challenges better make a links challenge and something else besides pictures. πŸ™‚

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My Nominations (This is Also Challenge 9)

The best blogs I have ever seen (student and class) are these 2:

Alberto’s Blog

Reason- This blog isn’t lazy and Alberto shows that he isn’t boring so he puts a lot of fun stuff on his blog.

Mr. Tabbah’s Soaring Eagles

Reason- Something tells me that this class isn’t lazy because they have things that are used on TV like greenscreens which to me are very cool

(Two of my most favorite blogs)

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Forms of Fiction (Part 3)

This is my awesome post about some skits we did in class for my Forms of Fiction project and this part is Part 3. My form of fiction was myths. The story I did was The Beginning which is about how Zeus killed his father. I may have gotten little mixed up but the problems are ended the same way.

This is my original script:

(This is the people who play who and what letter stands for them)

Cast: Abiel (me!), Ivan and Isabel

Narrator, Zeus=Abiel=N, Z
Cronus, Poseidon=Ivan=C, P
Rhea, Hera=Isabel=R, H

N. The worst types of parents are the ones that eat you which is the father in this story. And the ones that don’t nag when their father eats them which is the mother in this story.

C. I’m the one that ate all six of my children. Although my wife is the one that doesn’t nag when I ate them.

R. Yeah I’m a terrible mother (Sob) (Cry) The good thing is I rescued my final child, Zeus.

N. Zeus was being raised by some myths and was later returned to Rhea.

R. Son I need you to kill your father

Z. Oh all right. But with what?

R. With this scythe. And make sure you rescue your brothers and sisters. Just help them get out by cutting up your father.

Z. LaLaLa, I’m skipping to go kill my father.

R. Don’t let him here you say that. What disappointment that kid is.

Z. Hey father I’m here to kill you.

C. What, why would you go that?

Z. Cause Mom told me to. Now you’re gonna die.

C. You’re dead to me.

Z. I don’t care. Chop, Slice.

P. Finally we’re out

H. Hurry up and stop talking.

Z. You’re messed up.

P. Battle time!

(The three siblings do the baby fight)

How Many Visitors I’ve Had Over the Whole Challenge (This is Also Challenge 9)

Over the whole Student Blogging Challenge the visitor total I’ve had is 288 which is a big accomplishment for me to get that many for about 3 months. If I were to get more visitors I would put good links like YouTube (copyright, some random year) and some of my most favorite games. Also stuff even I don’t know about. So come to my blog in a couple of days or months or a couple of centuries.

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3 Things you Don’t Want to Know About Me (Meme) (This is Also Challenge 8)

There are many things you don’t want to know about me. But I’ll only tell you about 3 things. They all have to do with what happens to me in school.

1. Me, You, and My Frenemies- I have made new friends in my first year in middle school (year of 2011, 6th grade for me). But (yes I said but, and this is a bad but) I have also made many enemies. (Not really enemies more like frenemies) (they’re usually jealous of me) . If you ever meet me in real life you need to make sure my frenemies don’t see you with me or else they’ll think you’re another annoying person. They’ll just walk away and you won’t have any more new friends.

2. I’m a Bad Dancer- I usually end up doing those funny dances that usually cause chaos in the TV shows. I end up kicking you and then you have a broken arm.

3. I Get Obsessed with Things- I love to draw so when I like something in a YouTube video I tend to draw it the next day. Then I start putting it in my binder for school. I also like to rub my drawing in your face.

This is what is really bad about me. There is a funny YouTube video I think you should watch. It could have to do with this challenge because the video is called Know Your Meme: Weegee. This video is rated- FBYMBSWTCPITVOAIRP (Funny But You Might Be Scared With the Creepy Person in the Oh and It’s Rated PG) Here is the link:

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My Interest (I’ve Told You Before and I’ll Tell You Again) (This is Also Challenge 8)

Like I told you when I first started blogging is that I LOVE video games. Especially when they have adventure in them. To me all types of games (computer and game systems) are all video games. I love games that are funny and where when you die it’s funny. You can also find this in my first ever post. It makes me mad that time passes so fast.

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My Favorite Post (This is Challenge 8)

My favorite computer game would either be “I Don’t Even Game” or “Bloons Tower Defense”. Both of these games can be played on which is now my favorite place to go to play games. Just search both of these in the upper-right hand corner of the main screen of Funland. Careful, if you get stuck on “I Don’t Even Game” just make sure you’re smart and go to Youtube.Β So I hope you get to play these games. And if I were to get the 3DS (which I am) Mario Kart 3DS would be my favorite game even though it hasn’t been released yet.

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Migration in California (This is Also Challenge 7)

Usually the only animals I see migrate here are birds because I live in a suburban area. Birds are the animals I see migrating in the winter when it’s about 55 degrees. Then I see them returning in the summer when it’s almost 90 degrees. So those are the only animals that migrate around here. To learn more about migrations in California go to

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