Remembering the Past (This is Also Challenge 6)

So this has been a long time since we started the Challenge and I’ve learned a lot. We have a lot testing time coming up so this post is about what we’ve learned in school and about blogging. What I’ve learned about blogging is how to do widgets and how to insert images. I also learned about other cool websites while doing this.

  • Language Arts- grammar, learned stories I’ve never heard before
  • Math- geometry, rounding, fractions, percents, decimals
  • Science- the crust of the Earth, Continental Drift Theory, sea floor spreading, convection current
  • Social Studies- Egyptians, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancient China, Ancient Greece

    It makes me sad to think that the school year is almost over. I don’t really like school but the thing I’ll miss is my friends. Summer Vacation is only two months but you really miss your friends over vacation unless you know where they live. It’ll be worse with graduating from middle school. There are only a few chances of old friends getting into the same high school with me. 🙁

    Part of the Student Blogging Challenge. 🙂

One thought on “Remembering the Past (This is Also Challenge 6)

  1. Abiel, this is a good review of the school year so far. What was your favorite thing about this year? Obviously, you have made many friends here in middle school, but what lessons did you enjoy the most?

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